The micro and nano structures of metals and alloys are crucial in determining their bulk properties. Elemental distributions within grains and diffusion/localisation of impurities at grain boundaries are important questions in metallurgy. The localisation of hydrogen at grain boundaries is thought to be one of the contributing factors in the embrittlement of high strength steels. While detection of hydrogen is not possible using EDS, both hydrogen and deuterium can be detected using FIB-SIMS, meaning that imaging of both H and D distributions is possible using the V500.

As well as giving unprecedented spatial resolution at small fields of view, the V500's unique Thru-Field extraction system also allows large areas (up to 500 µm) to be imaged.

Alloy, FIB-SIMS, Imaging SIMS, metallurgy, NanoFab SIM, HIM-SIMS

Fe and Cu distributions in a Cu-Al alloy. Field of view: 200 µm

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