With the effects of climate change becoming ever clearer, the importance of renewable energy sources has never been higher. The rapid increase in conversion efficiency of the latest generations of photovoltaic cells (both perovskites and CIGS) has led to an increased interest and intense research into these materials.

Both CIGS and perovskites photovoltaic systems are based on nanomaterials. FIB-SIMS has become a crucial technique for correlating microstructural and elemental distributions with performance, enabling manufacturing process leading to high stability and high efficiency to be properly characterized and understood. The unrivaled correlative capabilities of the V500 make it the leading choice for photovoltaics.

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Congratulations to researchers from the CNMS at ORNL, who's work on ferroelastic twin domains in perovskite solar cells using the V500 on the Helium Ion Microscope (HIM-SIMS) was published in Nature Materials.