Depth profiling of semiconductor dopant distributions is one the of the oldest applications of SIMS and is still highly relevant today. The unique Thru-Field extraction optics of the V500 maintains the small probe size of FIB instruments, while providing high efficiency extraction. This unique combination allows high sensitivity depth profiling of extremely small (sub micron) areas.  

The high spatial resolution possible using the V500 allows parallel imaging of multiple species at the nanometer scale. Perfect for imaging of semiconductor nanostructures. In-situ image correlation with SE images allows structures to investigated with unprecedented resolution.

Semiconductor,Fin-FET, Correlative microscopy, Imaging SIMS, FIB-SIMS, NanoFab SIMS, HIM-SIMS

Correlated SIMS-SE image of a 22nm Fin-FET. Field of view: 10 µm