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V     : the new benchmark for FIB-SIMS


The V500 is the revolutionary, award winning FIB-SIMS add-on from Lion Nano-Systems. The V500 sets new standards for high spacial resolution FIB-SIMS with an unprecidented lateral resolution of 15 nm! The V500 combines innovative technologies such as our high transmission focal plane spectrometer with extraction optics permitting spacial resolutions as low as 15 nm for SIMS imaging and even lower for SI/SE imaging!

Main features:

  • High resolution analysis

  • DC operation (no duty cycle)

  • Unique correlative capabilities

  • Multiple application domains (Semiconductor, Li-Battery, Biology...)


Effortlessly image with the highest spacial resolution on the market.

The V500's multi-collection system allows images of up to 4 masses to be acquired simultaneously. A dedicated total ion counter allows instant switching between SIMS and SE/SE imaging. High efficiency electron multipliers ensure low noise performance and continuous DC operation ensures fast data acquisition.

In-situ image correlation

Overlay SIMS and SE images for the ultimate combination: high sensitivity meets high resolution.

As the V500 brings SIMS directly to your FIB, SIMS and SE/SI imaging can now be performed in-situ. No need to transfer your sample to another instrument, swap between SIMS and SE/SI modes in seconds.

Mass Spectra

Analyse your samples quickly and efficiently with a mass range from H-U. Create spectra with both field sweep and detector sweep modes. Unlike EDS, SIMS has no background, can detect light elements such as H or Li and can distinguish between isotopes.

Depth profiling / 3D analysis

For applications such as multi-layer samples or endpointing, investigate elemental distributions in Z by depth profiling. The V500's high spacial resolution allows unique small area depth profiling capabilities: craters smaller  than 500 nm x 500 nm are possible. High transmission ensures low detection limits. Extend your analysis into X and Y with 3D mode - follow up to 4 channels as you sputter multiple planes.

The V500 is now available for the ZEISS ORION NanoFab

*some images courtesy of ZEISS